Volunteer Recognition Awards

Pacific Masters runs on the commitment and expertise of our volunteers. They are the life blood of the organization, fulfilling the LMSC’s myriad of positions and functions. At each year’s Annual Celebration we recognize the extraordinary contributions of our volunteers in a number of categories.

Awards are given annually to volunteers who have made exceptional contributions to the organization. Awards are also given annually to the top swimmers by age group, to the top overall swimmers, and to a deserving coach. Detailed descriptions of the awards can be found in the Administrative Bylaws and Handbook, and a summary can be found below. In addition to our local awards, many Pacific Masters members have won national level awards.

Description of Pacific Masters Service Awards:

  • Nancy Ridout Distinguished Service: outstanding contributions by a volunteer over a long period of time
  • Contributor of the Year: outstanding contributions during the previous calendar year
  • Appreciation: special thanks for individuals or groups who have made significant contributions
  • Personal Achievement: long term dedication to our program combined with marked improvement in skills and times
  • Peggy Lucchesi: an award dedicated by George Cunningham to the memory of Peggy Lucchesi, given to a member who embodies the spirit of Masters swimming
Year Nancy Ridout Distinguished Service Award Contributor of the Year Appreciation Personal Achievement Peggy Lucchesi
2022 Bill McCracken Linda Hepworth David Brancamp, Shari Cruse, Missy Hunter, Jenn Hwang, Kate Matwychuk, Vicki Shu, Chris Wagner Cornelia Bleul-Gohlke, Kimberly Elsbach Sharlene Van Boer
2021 Rich Burns Carol Nip Bob Anderson, Dean Atchison, Sharon Blaha, Clare Kubiak, Lorena Sims, Penguin Swim Club Susan Helmrich, Dave Matthews, Brad Schindler
2020 Phyllis Quinn Karen Harris Carol Nip, Laura Shope, Rich Burns, Greg Stoner Catherine Breed, Google relay: Craig Robinson, Joe Gardner, Erik Haugen, Sven Mawson, Collin Johnston, Tom Dowd, Rob Gray, Joe Young Bonnie Tsui
2019 John King Gordon Bell Markus Daene, Norm Hantzche, Carol Macpherson, Jennifer Phalen, Bill McCracken Suzanne Heim-Bowen, Michael Thomas Peter Guadagni, Carol Nip
2018 Bob Upshaw Rob Heath Mike Abegg, Sally Guthrie, Karen Harris, Stu Kahn, Mary Kahn Terrence Keller, Craig Coombs, Leah Carroll Karen Le Febre
2017 John Morales Charlene O'Brien, Sierra Nevada Masters, Teddy Palmer, Chris Campbell, Steve Cutting Patricia Zuppan-Hood, Sandy MacDonald Marcia Benjamin
2016 Kerry O'Brien Bob Anderson David Benjamin, Rob Heath Susie Dods David Wierdsma
2015 Peter Guadagni, Verne Scott John King Benicia Rivera, Tri Valley Masters, Richmond Plunge Masters Asha Allen-Roth, Robert Anderson, Ranie Pearce Hermine Terhorst
2014 Barry Fasbender, Michael Moore Richard Burns George Cleveland, Dave Wierdsma, Jaime Benes Patti Bauernfeind, Kim Rutherford, Kimberely Chambers, Joseph Locke
2013 Nancy Ridout Cokie Lepinski The 2013 Pacific Masters Convention Delegates none
2012 Jay Christiansen, Jim Clemmons, Duke Dahlin, John Morales Kildine Harms Marie & Leo Lin, Tom Reudy, Ben Swiggert, Truckee Tahoe Swim Team Craig Coombs, Adam Engelskirchen, Cynthia Hertzer, Danielle Ruymaker
2011 Joan Alexander, Caroline Lambert, John King, Scott Patterson Michael Moore Maggie Tevis, Bob Snodgreass, Laura Hanson, Harold Boscovich, Barbara Byrnes, Terri & Pat McGinnis, Modesto Athletic Club none
2010 Allan Cartwright, Peter Guadagni, Cokie Lepinski, Bill McCracken Alan Levinson Kevin Lennon, Jim Shaw, Redwood Coast Masters, Larry Rice none
2009 Kildine Harms Glenda Carroll Jenny & Greg Kubicki, Steve Small, Susan Garfin, Strawberry Canyon Aquatic Masters, Scott Hinckly Chuck Kight, Gloria Stupfel
2008 Glenda Carroll John King Menlo Masters, Mountain View Masters Ruth Shaps
2007 Sacramento Masters, University of San Francisco Masters, The Olympic Club, Joanne Berven, Cindy Clements Barbara Thomas Leonard "Bud" Meyer Karla Rees
2006 Phyllis Quinn Barry Fasbender Linda Gilchrist, Paul White, Joan Schringer, Burney Matthews, Anne Cribbs, Jody Smith, John Klimp, Alice Fasbender, kerry O'Brien, Tim Edmonds, Alameda Aquatic Masters, Tuolumne County Aquatic Masters Ann Hirsch
2005 Nancy Ridout Clarine Anderson none Lisa Hazen
2004 Joan Alexander, Brian Stack, Dore Schwab, Tsunami Masters, Olympic Club Michael Moore Joel Wilson, Dan Corrigan Leianne Crittenden
2003 Barbara Thomas, R. Tod Spieker, Walnut Creek Masters Barry Fasbender Beth Folkreth Aldo da Rosa, Laura Colette Joyce Hayworth
2002 Andrew Eber, Cindy Baxter, San Mateo Marlin Masters, Tamalpias Aquatic Masters, Santa Cruz Masters Joan Smith Theresa Wistrom none Rebecca Pinto
2001 Andrew Brennan, Paul Wrangell, Davis Aquatic Masters, Rinconda Masters, Tsunami Masters Richard Smith Mary & Lloyd Yoshida, George Cleveland, Bud Meyer, George Haines none Marcia Benjamin
2000 Julie Paque, Dale Finch Nancy Ridout Dennis Horan, Harrison Race, Lois Race Heidi Renner, Alice Tokars Richard Bennett
1999 Michael Moore Jim Wheeler Roswita Norris, Elfriede Rogers none Bill Johnson
1998 Marcia Benjamin Clarine Anderson Todd Hill, Neil Hart Donna Monroe
1997 Barry Fasbender none Doug Huestis Allan Cartwright, Ron Emhoff Della Sehorn
1996 Don McPhail Michael Moore Jim McFadzean, Mo Chambers none Margery Meyer
1995 Richard Smith Julie Paque Linda Gilchrist, Adrienne Bryant Emory Haworth Jim Beglinger
1994 Gail Roper Annaliese Eggert John Duncan David Benjamin
1993 Sally Dillon Carolyn Boak Bud Meyer none Mo Chambers
1992 Dore Schwab Rick Windes Doug Stevens Christine Chichester Dore Schwab
1991 The Winn Family David Gray Laura Lynch Nancy Ridout
1990 none none Kerry O'Brien
1989 none none Aldo da Rosa
1988 Rick Windes Scott Patterson, Jean Bourne Carolyn Ferris-Boak
1987 Carolyn Ferris Jean Durston
1986 Joan Smith Bobbie Callison
1985 Elfreida Rogers