Outstanding Swimmer Awards

Courtesy of P2Life

Each year, based on points scored in pool and open water competitions, Pacific designates the top swimmers in each age group, men and women. The highest-ranking female and male are selected from all age groups to receives the Laura Val Female Swimmer of the Year or Richard Burns Male Swimmer on the Year award. These honors were designated for Laura and Richard to recognize their perennial success as consistent recipients of these prestigious awards.

Click on the year link to find the age group Swimmer of the Year award winners for that year, as well as a link to that year's age group standings page. Pool and Open Water Event Awards Hosts of each competition typically provide ribbons or medals for placing. Some events also give special awards to the high point winners. Note: Only Open Water Points scored with Category One suits may count toward Swimmer of the Year. For more details on the rules governing open water points see here.

Year Female Winner(s) Male Winner(s) Age Group Standings
2023 Ruth Shaps Joel Wilson 2023 AGSOTY
2022 Alison Zamanian Paul Frentsos, Richard Burns 2022 AGSOTY
2021 Heidi George David Boatwright 2021 AGSOTY
2020 none none 2020 AGSOTY
2019 Daniela Barnea Richard Burns 2019 AGSOTY
2018 Bonnie Bilich Richard Burns 2018 AGSOTY
2017 Laureen Welting Andrew McPherson 2017 AGSOTY
2016 Ann Hirsch Richard Burns 2016 AGSOTY
2015 Laura Val Richard Burns (Not Available)
2014 Daniela Barnea Richard Burns (Not Available)
2013 Laura Val Richard Burns (Not Available)
2012 Laura Val Richard Todd (Not Available)
2011 Laura Val, Ann Hirsch Ashley Jones (Not Available)
2010 Laura Val Jim Clemmons (Not Available)
2009 Laura Val, Margery Meyer Richard Burns (Not Available)
2008 Ruth Shaps Richard Burns (Not Available)
2007 Laura Val Richard Burns (Not Available)
2006 Laura Val Emory Haworth (Not Available)
2005 Allison Wagner, Audrey Etienne Jim Clemmons (Not Available)
2004 Daniela Barnea Bill Johnson (Not Available)
2003 Margery Meyer Ed Cazalet (Not Available)
2002 Laura Val Ed Cazalet (Not Available)
2001 Laura Val Robert Strand (Not Available)
2000 Sarabeth Sweitzer Tim Birnie, Jim Clemmons (Not Available)
1999 Jill Hernandez R. Tod Spieker (Not Available)
1998 Suzanne Heim-Bowen Aldo da Rosa (Not Available)
1997 Marjorie Sharp Emory Haworth (Not Available)
1996 Gail Roper Tim Broderick (Not Available)
1995 Gail Roper Brad Winsor (Not Available)
1994 Jean Durston Ray Taft (Not Available)
1993 Margery Meyer Robert Proebsting (Not Available)
1992 Laura Val Andy McPherson (Not Available)
1991 Laura Val, Ann Pisciotta Robert Strand (Not Available)
1990 Laura Val Mike Collins (Not Available)
1989 Laura Val Ray Taft (Not Available)
1988 Gayle Benty, Sally Ann Peterson Darren Phelan, Don Brown (Not Available)
1987 Laura Val, Nancy Ridout Bob Placak, Dave Gray (Not Available)
1986 Brooke Dick, Elizabeth Roepke David Levinson, Bill Page (Not Available)
1985 Gayle Benty, Carolyn Ferris Dix Ozier, Ray Taft (Not Available)
1984 Ann Kay Kerry O'Brien (Not Available)
1983 Pat Matthiesen John Richards (Not Available)
1982 Ella Peckham Verne Scott (Not Available)
1981 Elfreide Rogers George Cunningham (Not Available)