Pacific Masters Videos Gallery

Our activities, educational programs, clinics and other valuable information have been documented in our inventory of videos and photo albums.

21 Videos

Title Speaker Link Date
2020 A Very Strange Year Rich Burns

Coaches Clinics
Title Speaker Link Date
How to Keep Your Swim Team Together Coach Marcia Benjamin
The Ultimate Masters Prevention and Strength Program Dr. John Mullen
Masters Coaching During the Time of COVID-19 Kerry O'Brien
40 Years of Masters Coaching Kerry O'Brien
Open Water Swimming Through the Winter Susie Dods
Winter Open Water Panel Q&A
Swim Technique, Best Ways to Coach Masters Swimmers Stu Kahn
Adult Learn to Swim Panel Kim Elsbach
Coaching Open Water Swimming Joel Wilson and Sylvia Marino
Design a Better Masters Club Website Dan Wegner
The Craft of Coaching, An Evening with Teri McKeever
Digital Marketing and Social Media for Your Club Kyle Deery

Community Talks
Title Speaker Link Date
How to Write Your Own Swim Workout Carol Nip
Kicking It with Abbie Fish
Tales from First Time Open Water Swimmers
A Conversation with Suzanne Heim-Bowen
CIYE & The Smart Goggle
A Conversation with US Masters Swimming President Peter Guadagni
Close Encounters in a Masters Swim Workout Elizabeth McCarthy and Meghan Ward
Flip Turns with Abbie Fish