Club Membership

Pacific Masters Swimming welcomes new Masters swim clubs. We encourage Masters swimmers to join an existing club or form a new club. Use this form to apply for membership for a new club, or to renew the membership for an existing club. 

Clubs pay an annual fee to Pacific Masters which provides USMS liability insurance. Coverage is in effect as long as USMS requirements are met: Everyone in a workout must be a registered Masters or USS swimmer (a grace period is allowed) and the group must be supervised by a person currently registered with U.S. Masters Swimming.

Member clubs receive:
 USMS Rule Book
 PacMasters newsletters
 Free access to the video library
 Quarterly roster updates
 Periodic updates on schedule changes, insurance and other Masters information.

Club members may participate as a team and field relays in any pool or open water event and are eligible to bid to sponsor an event. Each club has a vote on the Pacific Masters Swim Committee which meets monthly. A club in good standing must have at least 4 registered swimmers.

Pacific Masters Swimming has available the USMS booklet, Building A Successful Masters Club, for new clubs. It has helpful information on starting and maintaining a successful Masters program