Pool Competition 

Pool meets are held through all seasons. The swimming year is divided by format into 3 periods – short course yards (25-yard pools), long course meters (50-meter pools) and short course meters (25-meter pools). Some special circumstances events may be swum out of their seasons.

January through May -
short course yards (SCY)
Clubs host the local meets and during the short course yard season there are typically 5 to 10 competitions located throughout the LMSC. Meets offer a variety of events with a complete variety of distances and strokes. And most include relays opportunities. included. The SCY season culminates in April with a regional championship with a three day that includes all individual events and relays.

June to August -
long course meters season (LCM)
During the summer months, Pacific conducts LCM meets. With a limited number of 50- meter pools to host this format, there are fewer opportunities. Pacific swimmers often look to competitions in other areas for the chance to compete in LCM events. Our three day regional championship is usually held in July.

September to December
short course meters season (SCM)
The fall months offer the opportunity to compete in 25-meter pools. Pacific Masters holds a three-day regional championship is held in October.

Virtual events
Pacific Masters holds several special competitions throughout the year where one swims in the designated event in the pool of their choice. Results are submitted on-line. Current Pacific Masters virtual events include the Davis Masters Brute Virtual (November) and the 400 Kick for Time (December).

U.S. Masters Swimming
Beyond the Pacific Masters boundaries, there are unlimited opportunities to compete. Other LMSCs have schedules similar to Pacific’s and competitions are open to all members. At the conclusion of the SCY and LCM seasons, USMS hosts a four-day National Championship competition. USMS also hosts a number of virtual events including the One Hour for distance (January), 5k and 10k virtuals, as well as 3,000yd and 6,000yd distances. See Events and Results at usms.org for national events and events outside the Pacific Masters region.

International Competitions
Every other year the International Federation of Swimming (FINA) conducts a World Championship competition. Recent championships have been held in Russia, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Australia and the US. Many Pacific Masters members participants in these events.