Of Interest to Coaches

Pacific’s coaches are our greatest resource. They are the leaders and inspiration for our members. Through their extraordinary efforts, day in and day out, they propel Masters beyond simply being a lap swimming program for adults.

Pacific Masters coaches are a rich resource for the many facets of coaching adults, organizing and managing clubs, current techniques and trends and other information that will help their fellow coaches. The articles linked here can aid coaches and swimmers in their continuing growth.

Find Peter a Pool

Pacific Master’s Peter Guadagni, is the current President of U.S. Masters Swimming. Peter is keen on creating an experience for Pacific Masters that is sure to bring out a good kind of hysterical creativity and laughter in the midst of the SCY season. Peter wants to celebrate Masters Swimming in 2023 with a fun, joyous relay meet.

Can you find Peter a pool that fits the description below? If your facility might be interested, or if you know of a facility that would, let Peter know.

Indoor Facility: for 200 - 250 participants, spectators, volunteers
Indoors Date: Feb. 11 or 12 (currently open on the meet calendar)

Outdoor Facility: for 200 - 250 participants, spectators, volunteers
Outdoors Date: Feb. 22 or 23 - the weekend prior to SCY Nationals

Peter G. is looking for a home for a 2023 relay meet.

Publish Date Link Title
October 2022 https://conta.cc/3TiP3cc A Pool for Peter, Nationals Clinic, Women in Coaching Masters, 2023 New Facilities
September 2022 https://conta.cc/3DLhmeI Women in Coaching Leadership Summit – October 15
August 2022 https://conta.cc/3RrSfAS You Get to be Mentored, USMS Levels 2 & 3 Certification
August 2022 https://conta.cc/3A1IRgt Donate Pool Time? Certification, Clinics, Clock
July 2022 https://conta.cc/3Prq445 USMS National Coaches Clinic, October 7-9, Las Vegas
June 2022 https://conta.cc/3OPXF7M Swim Across America, Leadership with Peter Guardagni, Education
June 2022 https://conta.cc/3b9c7t1 Nominations for USMS Awards – Clubs & Coaches
June 2022 https://conta.cc/3z9Y3cz Invitation to Coaches – On Deck with Dave Durden, CAL
March 2022 https://conta.cc/3sPVsB6 2022 Club Survey Findings #2 – You Don’t Want to Miss This
February 2022 https://conta.cc/3H1oktO 2022 Club Survey Findings & Coach Level 2 Certification
February 2022 https://conta.cc/3saAivJ OW Certification for Masters Coaches
January 2022 https://conta.cc/3FIEqbc How to Start Your Own Masters Swim Club
January 2022 https://conta.cc/3nloZ2e Exciting Opportunities to Grow Masters Swimming
December 2021 https://conta.cc/3m78OFj A Great Way to Start the New Year – Build Up Your Team
December 2021 https://conta.cc/3DL1HIw Coach & Team Volunteer Leadership Opportunity in March ‘22
November 2021 https://conta.cc/3DA3Qro Reaching Your Community Through Social Media & Digital Marketing
October 2021 https://conta.cc/3jqPUYC Abbie Fish Will Bring The Flip Turn & Coaches Tech Talk
September 2021 https://conta.cc/3zGdTZY Teri McKeever’s Talk to Our Masters Coaches, Webinar
July 2021 https://conta.cc/36WwN1M Design a Better Website for Your Club
July 2021 https://conta.cc/3wssHsy Post-lockdown Status of Clubs in our LMSC
June 2021 https://conta.cc/35ZKZGY Win a Pair of Smart Goggles – July 8 & USMS Mentor/Mentee Program
May 2021 https://conta.cc/3oQxfGV Coaching OW in Your Pool, Middle Age College Swimmer, USMS COTY Nominations
May 2021 https://conta.cc/3v7HFo6 Are Clubs and Coaches Ready for Competition?
May 2021 https://conta.cc/2Rn7pOf Coaches Only – May Update: ePostal Challenge, COTY, OW Clinics & Try Masters Swimming
March 2021 https://conta.cc/2OZ2GBH Kicking It With Abbie (corrected link)
March 2021 https://conta.cc/2P6Gbe1 Adult Learn to Swim & Your Club
February 2021 https://conta.cc/2ZPSflv The Current Status of Pacific Masters Swimming Clubs
February 2021 https://conta.cc/3aZe6MG Ain’t Nothing Like the Pure Thrill of Competition
January 2021 https://conta.cc/3aif2ez Best Ways to Coach Masters Swimmers
January 2021 https://conta.cc/3nU4CqA Coaches Want Community, Education and Ideas
January 2021 https://conta.cc/3b0nyRC Educational Themes for Coaches, 2021 - Brainstorm
November 2020 https://conta.cc/3nOgpH8 Panel Q&A: Open Water Swimming Through the Winter
November 2020 https://conta.cc/3kV1CcG Clinic: Open Water Swimming Through the Winter
November 2020 https://conta.cc/34RYNDD Annual Celebration & Meeting
October 2020 https://conta.cc/3jAVk1g This Year’s Special Pandemic Coaches Clinic
September 2020 https://conta.cc/3iR8ff9 Weathering COVID Pool Restrictions and Beyond
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August 2020 https://conta.cc/30WX65W Staying in Touch in the Middle of Social Distancing
August 2020 https://conta.cc/2Py6Z3w Look Inside for Ways to Connect during Social Distancing
May 2020 https://conta.cc/2B544LJ CoastSide Tiger Sharks, Coach Brad Pence and Open Water
May 2020 https://conta.cc/35S7fBE Healthy Daily Habits for Success as a Masters Coach
January 2017 https://conta.cc/3r1xJfl Happy New Year 2017, Level 4 Coaches Certification, Workout of the Week
September 2016 https://conta.cc/3xS4jnN USMS Coaches Clinic, Nov. 11-13, San Mateo, Level 2 Certification
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May 2016 https://conta.cc/3C3o7qW Mike Kazek, COTY, 2016 USMS Coaches Clinic, San Mateo
March 2016 https://conta.cc/3xOJSYY On Deck Coaches Needed at Spring Nationals, USMS Peer-to-Peer Calls
January 2016 https://conta.cc/3SqZqKi USMS Program Developer Seminar, Levels 1 & 2 Coaches Certification, Stroke Development Clinic
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