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We offer adults in Northern California and Northwestern Nevada the opportunity to participate in a lifelong fitness and/or competitive swimming program.

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Pacific Masters Update September 26

The September 26 edition of the Pacific Masters update contains information about the following:

  • Upcoming events - Sacramento Sprint Pentathlon, PacMasters SCM Championships
  • Open Water Swimming Results and History
  • "Year Plus" USMS Membership Offering
  • USMS Coaches Clinic
  • USMS Adult Learn-to-Swim Instructor Certification
  • Bids for meets for 2017 competition schedule
  • Pacific Masters annual meeting - November 13

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Pacific Masters Short Course Meters Championships - Olympic Launching Pad

The September-October 2016 Swimmer magazine contained a feature article titled Olympians Among Us. The piece profiled several Olympians from previous games who continue swimming in USMS programs. In Pacific Masters it is not uncommon to see current Olympic stars at local events. For example, 5 months before she would win the Olympic gold medal and set the world record in the 100 Fly at the 2012 London games, Dana Vollmer swam 5 events at the Rinconada Masters Swim Meet.

2017 Pacific Masters Championships

Hosts for the Pacific Masters pool championship meets have been selected:

2016 USMS Annual Convention

Historical Convention ButtonsWhile USMS has an elected president, a CEO who leads the professional staff, a board of directors, and an executive committee made up of elected officers, the organization’s ultimate decision making body is the House of Delegates (HOD). The HOD meets each fall at the USMS Convention which is held in conjunction with the conventions of the other U.S.A. aquatic sports: water polo, diving, synchronized swimming, and youth age group/elite swimming. The HOD is made up of representatives from each of the 52 Local Masters Swimming Committees (LMSC) along with members of certain standing committees. Pacific Masters is by far the largest LMSC, being larger than the next three largest LMSCs combined, and has the largest delegation at the convention.

2016 Pacific Masters Open Water Season

For many of our members, open water swimming is their favorite aspect of Masters. Some swimmers thrive on the competition, some want to challenge themselves and others enjoy the freedom of swimming without lanes or walls. Pacific Masters offers what may be the world’s best open water program with events in a wide variety of distances and venues.

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