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Pool Competition

For those Masters swimmers who want to compete, Pacific Masters offers a wide range of options all year long. Any Masters swimmer can compete in any event in their age group - there are no qualification times! There are several competition formats. Traditional swim meets held in one location over a period of one to three days are the bread-and-butter of pool competition. To spice it up a bit, various clubs hold specialty events, most of which can be completed on your own time in a pool of your choosing during a fixed time period. Here's a run-down on what goes on each year:

January to May - short course season

Short course meets are held in 25 yard pools. A number of local clubs host one day meets on weekends from January to March. Not all events are offered at these meets, but there is usually a good variety of distances and strokes, and what is not offered at one meet may well be available at the next meet. Usually a couple of relays are included. Then, usually in April, we hold our three day regional championship. This is where all events are offered, plus more relays.

June to August - long course meters season

Long course meets are held in 50 meter pools. There are fewer of these meets offered since there are not as many 50 meter pools available. The three day regional championship is usually held in July.

August to October - short course meters season

Short course meters meets are held in 25 meter pools. The three day regional championship is held in October.

Postal events

Pacific Masters holds several special events throughout the year, called "postals". These events are done in a pool of your choice, usually with someone to time you, during a specific time period. You send in your results to the "host" of the event, in order for your results to be tabulated with the other competitors. Results can be submitted by email or by regular mail (i.e. the "post", hence the term "postal"). Current annual events hosted by Pacific Masters clubs are the One Mile Postal (Jan-Feb), the 400 Pull for Time (August), the Davis Masters Brute Postal (November), and the 400 Kick for Time (December).

US Masters Swimming

Check under "Events and Results" at for national events and events outside the Pacific Masters region. At the end of the short course yards season, USMS hosts a four day national championship meet. At the end of the long course season, they host the national long course championship meet. Other events of interest are the postal events, which you can do in a pool of your choice that fits the event requirements, such as the One Hour Postal in January, the 5k and 10k postals, and the 3,000yd and 6,000yd postals.

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