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Open Water Swims

These are the swims for the 2022 open water season for Pacific Masters Swimming.

Last Update 07/4/2022

This page will be updated if a venue changes or a race is cancelled due to the water level or quality and/or air quality. Things may change due to Public Health restrictions, so check back often.

Pacific Masters is grateful for the hosts of these events. 

The results of each open water race will be posted on the open water results page.

The Open Water Points competition has two divisions for the two different types of suits. Here is the link to the rule: swim suit rules. Please review them before leaving for the open water swim. Please also note that no tape (spider tapes, bandages, duct tape, etc…) is allowed in either category.


  • Age Group determination: You will swim in the age group determined by your age as of December 31, 2021.
  • Swim Suits: Category 1 Long suits are allowed for both men and women in Open Water but can not contain clasps or zippers.  The swimsuit shall not cover the neck and shall not extend past the shoulder nor below the ankles. USMS Rule 303.7.2

Only Open Water Points scored with Category One suits may count toward Swimmer of the Year.  For more details on the rules governing open water points see here.

Awards: Swimmers may receive special awards based on their place in their gender, age group, and category of their suit (1 or 2.) Typically 1st through 3rd places receive awards, but this can change. 

See the Individual Open Water Point Standings and Team Open Water Points Standings for 2021.


Lake Berryessa Open Water Swims

Saturday, June 4

Registration for the 2022 Lake Berryessa Open Water Swims is open! Lake Berryessa is one of the best-attended and iconic swims on our schedule. The event includes both the 1-mile and 2-mile looped swims in Lake Berryessa, Napa County, CA.

Click here for more Information and Registration


Del Valle Open Water Festival- NEW DATE

Saturday and Sunday, August 27-28

Save the date for the 2022 Del Valle Open Water Festival with the 5 K USMS Long Distance National Championship taking place on Saturday and the 2.5 K/1.2 K on Sunday. Click here for information on

 5 K2.5 K/1.2 K.  Registration 

Update from Event Director:

I regret to inform you that the June 11/12th Del Valle Open Water festival will be postponed to August 27th-28th.

 Here is the official EBPRD statement from today 6/2:

 "Unfortunately, this week’s West Beach Del Valle cyanobacteria result was 17.99 ppb. The other results were; Boat Launch = 1.72 ppb; East Beach = 0.32 ppb; and the South end of the lake = 3.49 ppb. We’ll need the results below 6 ppb for three consecutive weeks to recommend to re-open the lake to swimming, so the weekend of June 11th has been mathematically eliminated." (ppb = particles per billion)

 We recognize that not everyone will be able to attend the event in August so we will work with those that cannot attend to process a partial refund (less a small processing fee) in a timely manner.  The park operations team wants to open for swimming just as badly as we do, so we are not alone in our disappointment.   None of us want this news but perhaps something good will come from it. 


Bill McCracken, Event Director, Tri-Valley Masters Swimming



Santa Cruz Open Water Weekend

Santa Cruz Open Water Weekend

Saturday, July 30: 47th Annual Roughwater 1 mile Swim
Sunday, July 31:  The Cruz Cruise – Middle Distance USMS National Championship  2.5-mile Swim

The Saturday 1 mile ocean swim goes around the Santa Cruz pier. The Sunday 2.5 mile ocean swim goes around the same pier, loops around the other side and comes back. The water is usually 58-61 degrees! Both are fun and very popular swims even if you’re numb. The Saturday swim is one of the bigger events and is started in waves. The Sunday swim is smaller, it is NOT for novice swimmers as the swim is longer and the water temperature can be an issue for newer swimmers.

SAFETY:  Safety services provided by the Santa Cruz City Beach Lifeguard Service and Santa Cruz Surf Life Saving Association. All contestants are required to wear a brightly colored swim cap.  Caps provided for the 1 Mile Roughwater and for the CRUZ CRUISE.    Cut-off time for the 1 Mile Roughwater is 1 hour. Cut off time for the 2.5 Mile swim is 2 hours.  No personal escorts are permitted.    Insulated swim caps permitted; no other swim aids allowed. Contestants in wetsuits and other defined swimwear such as rashguards are eligible for USMS/PacMasters points or awards in their respective Category 2.

Expected water temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15-16 Celsius).  Take note that we will not have after swim snacks as in previous years.  We will do our best to supply hot water and packets of hot chocolate and tea bags for the CRUZ CRUISE.  There are no post-race snacks or water for the Roughwater but there are water fountains just off the beach.  Food easily available at the Ideal Restaurant immediately adjacent to our swim course and the Picnic Basket, immediately across the street from our swim location.

For both swims. Various kinds of parking are available in the vicinity of the Santa Cruz Pier.  Long term parking available on the pier and metered parking is available close to the pier.  Parking meters accept payment through the Parkmobile app.

     AWARDS:  For the Roughwater, medals for 1st through 3rd place Category 1 only.  No awards for Category 2 swimmers. 

     For the CRUZ CRUISE, awards given for 1st through 8th place for the Category 1 swimmers in the USMS National Championship.

     Awards are 1st through 3rd for Category 2 swimmers. 



Information and Registration:


Donner Lake

August 13, 2022

One of the longest swims of the season. The start is at the east end of the lake and the finish is at the west end. If you drive along the shore of the lake you will marvel at how far you will swim. The swim is limited to 450 swimmers. Enter early. Lunch tickets are available for purchase during the registration process. Free shuttle buses run between the start and the finish. Swimmers are given a plastic bag at the start to hold their sweats. It will be transported to the finish for you.

Registration opens June 1, 8:30 am PDT Entries are limited to 450 swimmers.

Information and Registration:

Whiskeytown Open Water Swims

September 11, 2022

Keller Cove

September 17, 2022

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