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Open Water Swims

These are all the swims for the 2021 open water season for Pacific Masters Swimming.

Last Update 12/16/2021

This page will be updated if a venue changes or a race is cancelled due to the water level or quality. Things may change due to Public Health restrictions, so check back often.

Pacific Masters is grateful for the hosts of these events. Hopefully, next year we will return to a full slate of Open Water events. Points will be awarded this year, but due to the limited number of Open Water Swims this year, there will be no Open Water Awards in 2021.

The results of each open water race will be posted on the open water results page.

The Open Water Points competition has two divisions for the two different types of suits. Here is the link to the rule: swim suit rules. Please review them before leaving for the open water swim. Please also note that no tape (spider tapes, bandages, duct tape, etc…) is allowed in either category.


  • Age Group determination: You will swim in the age group determined by your age as of December 31, 2021.
  • Swim Suits: Category 1 Long suits are allowed for both men and women in Open Water but can not contain clasps or zippers.  The swimsuit shall not cover the neck and shall not extend past the shoulder nor below the ankles. USMS Rule 303.7.2

Only Open Water Points scored with Category One suits may count toward Swimmer of the Year.  For more details on the rules governing open water points see here.

Awards: Swimmers may receive special awards based on their place in their gender, age group, and category of their suit (1 or 2.) Typically 1st through 3rd places receive awards, but this can change. 

See the Individual Open Water Point Standings and Team Open Water Points Standings for 2021.

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