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You have probably already noticed that things look different at Welcome to our new website. Below are a couple of notes to help you get around.

The calendar, containing links to upcoming events, is now on the homepage. If you are a google calendar user you can add the Pacific Masters calendar to your personal calendar by clicking on the ‘+’ sign at the bottom of the calendar box. The schedule in the traditional year at a glance format can be found under the Competition heading in the top ribbon.

At the top of the middle column is a link to the most recent edition of the Pacific Masters Update, our emailed newsletter. The Update contains news of importance to Pacific Masters members and expanded information on our upcoming events, including registration links. Click on the teal colored title to get to the Update.

To view event results, hover your mouse over Competition at the top ribbon and then over Pool Meets or Open Water. Event Results will be one of the options that appear. One enhancement you will notice is a link to photos for those events where they are available.  You can also access these results pages from our new homepage under the Quick links heading.

The best way to learn what is available is to spend a few minutes exploring. We hope you like it! Let us know what you think here.

With the new website there will be some expanded volunteer opportunities. We are looking for members who want to contribute by maintaining event announcements and results or supplying photographic or written content. There is a particular need for a few tech savvy members with a background in scripting and databases who can help maintain the site’s technological structure. This would require knowledge of Drupal or the ability and willingness to acquire such knowledge. If you can help please contact Bob Anderson, Pacific Masters Swimming VP for Communications and Technology, here.

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