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One of the more fun aspects of being a member of Pacific Masters is the
opportunity to participate in one of the many and various swim meets
offered throughout the year - short course, long course, relay meets,
and so on. All of these meets are organized and managed by volunteers,
without whom these meets simply could not take place. Some positions at
these meets do not require specialized training, but some do, such as
the deck officials, and we always need more people to fill these positions.

Training to become an official is straightforward. First you attend a
short clinic to become a stroke and turn judge, and progress from there
at your own pace. Novice officials generally start as stroke and turn
officials, and learn the ropes by working on deck under the supervision
of an experienced official. Those who are interested move up the ladder
to refereeing or starting, learning through a combination of clinics and
on-the-job training. Training is conducted by USA Swimming, and you must
join USA swimming as a non-athlete to be properly certified. You can
request reimbursement of the annual $40 membership dues after you have
worked two days as an official in any capacity at a PMS meet.

As an added bonus, most meet directors will allow you to swim for free
at a swim meet where you agree to officiate!

Information about officiating and upcoming clinics can be found at the
Pacific Swimming officials web site, at From there you can
find links to other excellent resources, such as the USA Swimming
Officials web site.

John King,, Officials Chair




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