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Pacific Masters

Pacific Masters Swimming is a regional organization that provides organized workouts, competitions, clinics and workshops for adults 18 and over. Programs are open to all adult swimmers fitness, triathlete, competitive, non-competitive) who are dedicated to improving their fitness through swimming.

Pacific is organized with over 140 clubs in Northern California and Nevada. Membership numbers over 11,000, with individual members ranging in age from 18 to over 95.

Within the clubs, structured workouts, often with a coach, offer well-thought-out training assistance, Pool and open-water races provide opportunities to compete and measure individual progress at the local, state, national and international levels, USMS programs also offer stroke and technique clinics, workshops and instructions, as well as social functions.

All Pacific Masters programs are designed to help swimmers improve fitness and/or train for specific goals, and offer active support for a healthy lifestyle through friendship, and camaraderie.

So dive right in to Pacific Masters Swimming, where adults of all ages enjoy aquatic fitness at any level, beginner to competitive. Thanks for stopping by. Over 134 clubs, over 11,000 Swimmers in Pacific LMSC, over 62,000 in United States Masters Swimming nationally. Find out more about Masters Swimming.


Pacific Masters Commitee meets 11 times a year (Every month except December).

The next meeting will be annual meeting to be held at St Mary's College on Sunday, November 9th. (The committee does not meet in December) Swim teams are encouraged to have at least one member participate. All Members are welcome to attend, The meeting is a conference call. If you would like to participate, please contact the PacMasters Administrator.

Minutes are available on line.

Traveling Swimmers

For swimmers who are traveling to Northern California and Nevada, check the Places to Swim page for information about workout times. (Take your Masters Card - it is needed so that swimmers are covered under the USMS insurance program.)

Changed your contact information or your team

If you have moved, and wish to change your address so you can receive your copy of USMS Swimmer Magazine while it is still current, please fill out the on-line change of address form. This can be done on line.

If you wish to change teams, you must fill out a change of team form.

Become a Meet Official

Masters meets are always needs trained officials to judge stroke and turns, to start and to referee at meets. The first step is to attend an officials clinic.

For further information go the officials web page or contact John King , Officials chairman.


The USMS Insurance Program, funded by a portion of the National Registration Fee, provides Excess Accident Insurance coverage for USMS members. Liability coverage is provided for USMS Members, Member Clubs, LMSC officials and volunteers acting on behalf of and with the approval of USMS. More Information is available on the USMS web site.

2014 PacMasters
Coach of the Year

Every year, we honor one of our Pacific Masters coaches as the Pacific Masters Coach of the Year. The coach is chosen by a sub committee of the Pacific Masters Committee from nominations submitted by Pacific Masters members .

Please consider nominating your coach for the Pacific Masters Coach of the Year Award. Submissions should include a nomination letter along with a maximum of four support letters. A description of the award along with the nomination and selection process can be found in the Pacific Masters Administrative Handbook. An excerpt of the relevant section can be downloaded by clicking here. Nominations for Pacific Masters Coach of the Year should be sent to Pacific Masters Chairman and are due Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 6 PM.

USF Valentines Meet

The USF Valentines Meet will be held February 7th, at the Koret Recreation Center on the USF campus, San Francisco, CA. The meet is a sprint meet with all the 50 and 100 events on the agenda. As befitting a Valentines meet all the events are seeded women and men combined.

This is a paperless meet. To swim you MUST DECK ENTER by 11:59 pm Thursday, February 5, 2015.
[ Registration ]

The City Mile

Pacific Masters is agains sponsoring The City Mile. This is the only time the one mile event is contested before Pacific Masters Championships. Results from this event can also be used to enter the Jon Steiner, 1650 Postal. The event is held at City College of San Francisco natatorium a deep water pool. The venue is just west of the 280 freeway.

This is a paperless meet. To swim you MUST DECK ENTER by 11:59 pm Thursday, February 5, 2015.
[ Registration ]

Preliminary SCM Top Ten

The 2014 PacMasters Short Course Meters Top Ten has been posted. If you swam a Short Course Meters Event in 2014, you should check your times and how you did against other swimmers in your age group. If you think there is an error, please report it to the the PacMasters Administrator.

Jon Steiner 1650 Postal

Thursday January 1, starts the 2015 Jon Steiner Memorial Postal Mile that is sponsored by Tamalpias Masters. There is no set fee for this event, you pay what you want and 50% of all proceeds are donated to lung cancer research.

There are three categories, Individual, relay and team. In the team competition it is the team with the highest percentage of membership partcipating in the event that will receive a reward.

Its a new year
Time to Register for 2015

A new year is almost upon us and it is time to register to join Masters Swimming for 2015. All 2014 registrations expired on 31 December 2014.

You can go on line to register (preferred method). If you want you can down load the registration form, fill it out and send it to our registrar. Members will be sent information about registration by our national office.

The Kick for Time

For those who kicked 400 yards in the Kick for Time in December, you can still enter untill January 17th. Enter and see how well you did against your age group competitors. [ Registration ]


New Social Media for PacMasters
Linked in logo

Pacific Masters has added a new social media group. Linked in is a way for Pacific Master Swimmers to contact and network with each other. You must be a member of Pacific Masters to join the Pacific Masters group. Linked in has been added to the Pacific Masters Facebook page and the Twitter tweets.

US Masters Swimming also has a Linked in group. Again your must be a member of US Masters Swimming to join that group.

A new page devoted just to open water swimming is now up. is just about open water swimming and Pacific Masters open water swims.

Officials Clinics

Pacific Masters is looking to recruit new officials to help out on deck at our swim meets. We have been very short handed recently, and anyone who can help out would be greatly appreciated. If you're going to a meet, officiating is a fun way to fill in the time between your events!
If you are at all interested in becoming an official, there are some clinics coming up soon:

For more information about becoming an official, check our web page at: Training is conducted by Pacific Swimming; more information about clinics and officiating can be found at their web site at






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