Pacific Masters Top Ten Long Course
Pacific Masters Swimming
Top Ten
Women 45-49
50m freestyle
1.JONES, GERRE G 4700:32.25
2.MILLER, CELESTE 4600:32.31
3.FINCH, DALE 4600:35.46
4.COCHRAN, GEORGIA 4600:42.43
100m freestyle
1.MILLER, CELESTE 4601:08.91
2.DILLON, SALLY A 4901:15.89
3.FINCH, DALE 4601:23.18
4.WEBER, CHRIS S 4801:26.32
5.COCHRAN, GEORGIA 4601:36.52
200m freestyle
1.MILLER, CELESTE 4602:28.76
2.DILLON, SALLY A 4902:47.99
3.MURPHY, BONNIE R 4603:10.44
4.DANTO, RANDY I 4503:22.01
5.COCHRAN, GEORGIA 4603:27.02
6.COHEN, BARBARA 4803:49.73
400m freestyle
1.MILLER, CELESTE 4605:14.64
2.DILLON, SALLY A 4905:49.95
3.COHEN, BARBARA 4807:44.02
4.COCHRAN, GEORGIA 4607:45.04
800m freestyle
1.MC NALLY, ROSEMARY 4815:05.40
2.BLENDE, SUNNY L 4615:17.20
1500m freestyle
1.MURPHY, BONNIE R 4626:16.56
2.MC NALLY, ROSEMARY 4828:22.44
50m backstroke
1.COHEN, BARBARA 4800:59.66
50m breastroke
1.JONES, GERRE G 4700:42.27
2.FINCH, DALE 4600:47.80
3.COCHRAN, GEORGIA 4600:53.27
100m breastroke
1.DILLON, SALLY A 4901:36.27
2.JONES, GERRE G 4701:36.59
3.MURPHY, BONNIE R 4601:50.00
4.COCHRAN, GEORGIA 4602:04.41
5.COHEN, BARBARA 4802:09.48
6.BLENDE, SUNNY L 4602:23.54
200m breastroke
1.DILLON, SALLY A 4903:35.38
2.MURPHY, BONNIE R 4603:53.37
50m butterfly
1.MILLER, CELESTE 4600:36.81
2.ALEXANDER, MARTHA A 4600:38.94
3.COCHRAN, GEORGIA 4600:51.83
100m butterfly
1.WEBER, CHRIS S 4801:39.35
2.ALEXANDER, MARTHA A 4601:55.08
200m IM
1.MILLER, CELESTE 4602:54.28
2.WEBER, CHRIS S 4803:19.64
3.COCHRAN, GEORGIA 4604:09.12
4.COHEN, BARBARA 4804:14.99
400m IM
1.WEBER, CHRIS S 4806:57.44
2.ALEXANDER, MARTHA A 4607:43.46

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